Mims introductory single, "This Is Why I'm Hot” was too neat. It screamed one-hit-wonder not only because of its popularity, but the beat's trendy snap-happy minimalism and the easy-to-remember hook, and I can't really explain it beyond that. It's one of those you'll-know-it-when-you-hear-it type of things. And if you haven't heard it, well you must tell us how the weather is on the Mars.

But, if Mims' first single was seen as gimmick, his second single, "It's Alright”, seems to be his attempt at keeping it real. While "It's Alright" is definitely better than his first single, both musically and lyrical, it's better as in it's not as bad as his last record. On "This Is Why I'm Hot" Mims doesn't sound like even he believes his boast, but on this record the man is letting you know he's serious when he says he's the best.  It's the kind of record kids put on and rap to in front of the mirror because they want to feel like they're really a rapper. The only reason the blaring horns, generic drum patterns and hackneyed "I'm the best” shtick work so well for a follow-up single is because it shows Mims isn't a one-trick pony. He's really real, which is unfortunate because without a gimmick, Mims becomes just like all the other one-hit-wonders who were in a rush to prove their realness only to get it dead wrong in the end. Here's to Mims' career. May it not go down in flames, but cool down with grace. – Jozen Cummings

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