Belly flopping on his success laurels, Ne-Yo surfs on cruise control on "All Because Of You”. He commits a reasonable crime, thematically kidnapping the woman from "Sexy Love”, a successful song (hit) from his debut. Same chick, similarly recognizable hand-claps, revealingly, it's the sameness that sucks any vitality from the song. He's "got a problem”, could be sexual ("only concern is the next time I'm gonna get me some,” he sings or maybe it's his growing prescription drug dependence to the amorous amour, when he sings, "baby you have become my addiction…and I like it” and like that, an emotional stick-up is converted to a gratuitous exaltation. "And it's all because of you, never get enough, she's the sweetest touch” he coos on the chorus. The benign innocence of Ne-Yo's guilt is enough to perk your ears and grab your heart. Only next time, we want a different chick with a different dilemma, it's only fair. - Rodney Dugue

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