No R. Kelly hasn't gone anywhere. Any man who can survive a scandalous sex tape, public ridicule, and music industry backlash without missing a step in the name of love isn't about to just fall off and become irrelevant. But for the past two months, the R. seems to be on some other shit. Like Bun B, Busta Rhymes, and Ludacris before him, R. Kelly is jumping into any booth he can. Rumor has it we're going to get another album from Kellz later this year, and with this latest surge of productivity, you can bet a daughter dollar he has something brewing in that notorious studio of his. Here's a roundup of the latest R. Kelly collabos and solo songs. – Jozen Cummings
Editor's Note: Due to the size, some songs appear as snippets.

"That's That” – Snoop Dogg feat. R. Kelly:When Snoop Dogg and R. Kelly pull up in a Phantom with a beat this hot and a hook this catchy, everyone just has to nod their head and say, "That's that shit!”

"Go Getta” – Young Jeezy feat. R. Kelly:Usually the rap/R&B collaboration is for those rappers seeking the approval of ladies, but on this Young Jeezy collabo, Kelly had to take it to the trap. Could it be? R. Kelly's your favorite trapper's favorite singer.

”Make It Rain” – Fat Joe feat. R. Kelly:Considering the title, it's debatable whether or not it was a good idea for him to jump on the remix of Fat Joe's latest hit. Oh well, with lines like, "Don't ask me what my name is/stupid bitch I'm famous” it's clear the king of R&B cares very little about the forecast.

"I'm a Flirt” (Remix) – R. Kelly featuring T.I. and T-Pain:R. Kelly and Bow Wow are only bragging on the original, but on the remix Kelly isn't pulling any punches. Calling a man "lame”? Those are fighting words, word to Gary Sheffield.

Part 1 feat. T.I.

Part 2 feat. T-Pain

"Don't Let Go” – R. Kelly:From Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls soundtrack, R. Kelly shows his Dr. Jekyll and begs his woman to change her name to his and to take a deep breath before she thinks of letting go. Maybe R. Kelly should remind her he's famous.

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