A few years ago T.I did something pretty great. He made a crown, put it on his head and called himself the ‘King of the South'. Easy enough, it was a ballsy self-promotion that bore a general who-gives-a-fuck reaction. But, the sheer mechanics of such a claim morphed T.I. into an instant star, for good reason, mainly, he also happened to be a better-than-decent rapper. "Big Shit Poppin'” roughly harkens to that period with an absolutely brutal T.I rapping with sulfur falling from his mouth. He's still polishing his achievements, one revelation at a time "ain't nothin' change but the name on the mail”. His snarling raps are hand-picked for Mannie Fresh who bravely offers a hard vacuum rumbling beat. Still, nothing is quite as menacing as T.I. himself on this track. - Rodney Dugue

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